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Anonymous asked: i love your blog!!! can you recommend other kdrama blogs? :3

check out my drama list and anything with a 5 is a must!

affxtionist asked: your blog = awesomeness!!!

ahhh thank you so much (‐^▽^‐)

- You’re nothing to me. All the memories with you, I want to rip it all one by one.
- Can you really say that after seeing this? Then why did you buy this for me.

you’re gonna do great.

"Team leader, have you been well?
Nothing has changed at the Gangnam Police Station and all of your kids are doing well.


'This is an act of assault”.
- “How is this an assault?”

- And Detective Eun… Detective Eun and I are getting along well.
- “Getting along well”? Those sly rabbits.

"Being a detective wasn’t my dream, but I wasn’t okay at all. I didn’t want to give up and I didn’t want to run away. I may be learning nothing but how to fall for twenty-seven years, but it’s okay, because I have these guys next to me who helped me realize that fact, and because that’s youth."